Hose Management


In today’s world, companies are changing up their business models to be more streamlined. Hose of South Texas understands the new needs of our customers. To continually assist our customers, we are initiating a fully customizable Hose Management Plan. We offer a wealth of knowledge in the hydraulic and industrial hose industry. Our employees are specialized in the fluid power industry, from hydraulic motors to pumps.

On average, companies invest over $10K a year in hoses. In that same year, companies will spend large amounts of money on downtime to fix or prevent repairs. Hose have a life span, making it difficult to know when and where it will go down. Hose of South Texas has implemented a HOSE MANAGEMENT plan. The HOSE MANAGEMENT plan consists of two key area, test data tracking and custom tagging. Our capabilities include tracking, testing and maintaining up-to-date record on hoses actively used in the field. We understand our customers are looking for reduced downtime, reduced cost, reduced unscheduled maintenance and equipment longevity.

Test Data Tracking

If our customers had the ability to pull up a web browser and see all of the hoses they have, could they utilize it? What if it had a serial number, description of hose, date tested, expiration date? Could this help determine a possible hose failure before it happens? This would have a direct effect on downtime. When implemented fully, shutdowns can easily be managed by the data on a screen. Customers wanting to replace hoses every five years now will have the tools to track the hose, track the location, and track the time in service. TessaLink offers a fully functional web-based program that tracks all your assets. With a colorful dashboard, it’s easy to see when assets are good to go, when they are 30 days out and when they are past due. In addition, TessaLink offers a complete search with many capabilities. Customers can search for a specific serial number or perhaps a location, they can pull up copies of test certificates at the push of a button.

Custom Tagging

After testing, every hose is tagged. We have several different tag sizes to choose from. All metal tags are constructed of Stainless Steel to ensure they will not rust in the field. Each tag can display a different amount of information. The information that is engraved on each tag is customizable by the customer. Typical information that is included: test pressure or working pressure, service, serial number and/or dates.


Benefits of Choosing Hose of South Texas

  • A trusted facility that can conduct inspection and testing.
  • A company that has a reliable fleet to make sure hose and products are picked up and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Ways to custom identity an asset out in the field
  • A well trained and knowledgeable Hose Staff
  • A Web-based asset tracking software with a colorful dashboard
  • 24 Hour Service

We service many different industries and with this we have seen many hoses come through. We have the capability to test hose as large as 10” and up to 400’. Our test range is from 100 psi up to 40,000 psi. All the testing conducted adheres to the NAHAD standards set forth. We will offer testing options for Hydrostatic Testing and Air Test. All metal flex hose assembled on site is mandatory air tested for leaks. If a customer requests a hydrostatic test for any metal flex hose, we make sure that the water being used has been filtered properly to prevent hose failures. With over 1000 test fittings at our fingertips, reassure that we have what it takes to test any hose.

Because testing requires water and a large majority of the hose we test have been used in the field, we have made it our duty to be environmentally sound with our management of water. When we test a new hose, rather than scrapping that water we reclaim the water for the next test, we might use that water for another new hose and reclaim it after that test or it might get used to test a hose that has come in from service. All water that has been used to test a hose with a residual product is recaptured after the test and stored in a wastewater containment area. Once full, a bonded agent properly disposes of that water. We ensure that our customers can rest easy knowing we adhere to a sound ‘cradle to grave’ process. The benefit of storing water is that allows us to fill large bore hoses quickly.