Hydraulic And Pnuematic Repair


Hose of South Texas is the preeminent repair shop for Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders, as well as other hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Our master repair technician has over 37 years of experience repairing all types of equipment, including pumps and tools.


Hose of South Texas is the factory-authorized warranty repair center for SPX Power Team, and Enerpac and Simplex, for all of South Texas.

Our knowledgeable personnel have the “Yes We Can” philosophy of doing business and will do everything possible to repair your equipment as promptly and accurately as possible.

Do you want to repair your own equipment? We stock seals, packing, and the accessories necessary to complete the job.

No job is too big or too small, so when you need that hydraulic pump, valve, motor, or cylinder repaired, give us a call.