Hose Testing


Do you have an inspection coming up, or do you just want to make sure your hose assemblies are safe to use for you, your employees, and the environment? Hose of South Texas can perform a hydrostatic pressure test of your hose assemblies in accordance with NAHAD standards. Upon request, we will tag each assembly tested with a stainless-steel tag engraved with the test date, test pressure, and Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP), as well as provide you with documentation containing the test criteria for each assembly.

We are capable of testing assemblies from 1/8 inch to 16 inch inside diameter, and length is not limited. In addition, we can test assemblies up to 20,000 psi. Actual test pressure is determined by taking several factors into consideration, such as working pressure of your assembly, hose manufacture, condition of the assembly, and fittings style, to name a few.

Documentation Prior to Testing

Prior to hose testing, proper documentation is required. Hose assemblies must be cleaned and free of material prior to pick up (no caps or plugs preferred). A description of the hose assembly; hose diameter, length, end fittings, etc. and a list of materials transferred through hose assemblies must be included in your documentation. You can download the Hose Pressure Test Documentation here.


Prior to the hydrostatic pressure test, we will perform a visual inspection of your assembly or assemblies to make sure the hose integrity is intact. This is a safety procedure for our personnel as well as possible time and cost savings for you.

Our Testing Facility

Our testing facility includes a clean water tank demineralized water tanks and hydro-testing areas and contaminated water recovery tanks.





Inspecting Used Hose

Hose of South Texas, upon request of a customer, can inspect used hoses. Hose of South Texas will inspect each assembly for kinks, loose covers, bulges or ballooning, soft spots, cuts, broken wires, or any obvious defect in the hose. The fittings and attachments will be inspected for any type of visible defects that may affect the performance of the assembly.

Hydraulic Hose Testing

Hose of South Texas can hydrostatically test hydraulic hose assemblies. All hydraulic hose assemblies that are required to be pressure tested by the customer will be checked so that all ends meet the proper crimp specification before hydrostatic testing. Hydraulic Hose Assemblies shall be Hydrostatically tested at 2 x Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) for 5 minutes minimum or as required by the H.O.S.T. Work Order and/or customer requirements. Pressure Recording instrumentation shall be in current calibration.


Air Hose Testing

When specifically required, Air Hose assemblies can be tested using Air as the media at 100psi fully submersed in water for not less than 1 minute or more than 2 minutes and examined for escaping air, or in accordance with customer specific instructions. Pressure Recording instrumentation is used to record the results of the test.

Composite Hose Testing

Hose assemblies with 1 inch to 4 inches nominal bore standard duty oil and chemical hose are tested to 1-1/2 x MAWP of the assembly for a minimum period of five minutes. Hose assemblies with 6 inches to 10 inches nominal bore composite hose are tested to 1-1/2 x MAWP of the assembly for a minimum of 30 minutes. Elongation Length Measurement - COMPOSITE HOSE Only (when required by customer). A characteristic of composite hose is elongation. This characteristic should not be used solely as an assessment of the condition of the hose or an indication of failure. Because of the elongation under pressure, the check with the manufacturer when length in application is critical.

Expansion Joint Testing

Expansion Joint assemblies can be tested as required by contract and when they have not been supplied with Hydro-test documentation.

Testing is Complete

After testing is complete you will receive a test certificate and the data will be stored in our Hose Test Data Tracking database for future reference.