Marine Industries

Item Id Item Description Availability UOM Your Price Add To Cart
P-5406-C-64 4in Plastic Pipe Cap EA $2.52
8IN X 35FT COMPOSITE HOSE Multi-Oil Blue PP/GG Composite Hose Assy EA $3,016.67
OBL-8-35-FL 8 X 35ft 250# Dock Oil Suct/Discharge EA $0.00
HYFLEX 275 8 X 35FT 8 X 35ft HBd Thermoid Hy-Flex Dock ASY $6,131.25
HYFLEX 275 8 X 70FT 8 X 70ft HBd Thermoid Hy-Flex Dock ASY $10,131.25
POWERJACK HOSE X 10FT 1/4 10k psi x 10 ft w/ 3/8 MNPT Ends ASY $94.77
P59 Hand Pump, 2-Spd, .305 Cu In/Stroke EA $523.00
9105A Sidewinder Jack, 5 Ton, 3/4in Stroke EA $202.00
IJ13T Inflatable Jack, 1.1 Ton, 3.1in Lift EA $570.00
C1006C Cyl, 100 Ton 6-5/8in Stroke EA $2,820.00
C1010C Cyl, 10 Ton 10-1/8in Stroke EA $615.00
C101C Cyl, 10 Ton 1in Stroke EA $410.00
C102C Cyl, 10 Ton 2-1/8in Stroke EA $421.00
C104C Cyl, 10 Ton 4-1/8in Stroke EA $457.00
C106C Cyl, 10 Ton 6-1/8in Stroke EA $510.00
C108C Cyl, 10 Ton 8-1/8in Stroke EA $606.00
C256C Cyl, 25 Ton, 6-1/4in Stroke EA $834.00
C258C Cyl, 25 Ton, 8-1/4in Stroke EA $1,083.00
C556C Cyl, 55 Ton, 6-1/4in Stroke EA $1,426.00
RH203 Cyl, 20 Ton, 3in Stroke EA $1,075.00

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